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What’s in a name? How Alki Avenue Arts got its name

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About Your Resident Artist and How Alki Avenue Arts Got Its Name

My name is Patricia Petersen and I am the artist that created Alki Avenue Arts. I love art history and learning about the different art movements. Not every movement suits my particular taste or style but I have learned from each movement valuable lessons that can be applied to my own art. After all, art is a deeply personal expression of the artist’s soul. Each painting, movement and style depicts something unique and individual to each of us. 

Over the years my art has evolved and grown. I have drawn inspiration from many places but none has had as great an influence on my art as Alki Beach. Alki Beach is situated in the city of Seattle, WA, USA and runs the entire length of Alki Avenue. At the northern most tip of the West Seattle peninsula, Alki Beach’s mood is ever changing and evolving. During the summer it is a hotbed of activity and excitement as people from all over the city gather to enjoy the elusive Seattle sun. During the winter months its mood is as melancholy and reflective as the damp, misty rain peaks through under cover of darkness. To the west are the majestic Olympic Mountains and to the east the Space Needle sprouts up above the city. This is my inspiration. This is my safe, creative space – the space where much inspiration has been born and sprung to life.

I no longer live in Seattle, but I carried the memory of Alki Beach and all it draws out of my soul with me wherever I go. By founding Alki Avenue Arts, I wanted to create a safe space for you to create your art. I wanted to create a virtual studio where you too would feel free to explore art and test out the techniques you learn. My goal was to create a space where artists and budding artists could come to unleash their creativity, grow, evolve and find inspiration. Whether your studio is your kitchen table, a park bench or a cluttered corner you’ve claimed as your creative space, I hope you will find a safe space in the virtual studio I have created for you.

This is creativity. This is art. This is inspiration. This is Alki Avenue Arts.

I hope you enjoy your art journey with me!

Best Regards and Happy Painting,

Patricia Petersen

Alki Avenue Art was originally founded to teach art history in a new and innovative way. As artists we learn best by doing. We want to take art history out of the textbooks and bring it alive on your canvas. We strive to teach the techniques of the masters and show how people can apply them to their own artwork.

Our mission is to share the love of art with the world and bring out the inner artist in everyone. Everyone has their own special style and we want to nurture their creative spirit. 

We created a safe space to learn, grow and explore art. Alki Avenue Arts was created to give everyone a place to explore their creativity. We want to help all artists discover their artistic qualities and unique style of art, whether they are just beginning their journey or a seasoned artist. Everyone is welcome!

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